How to Make Your Pantry Pest-Proof? 

Seeing a pest in your pantry can actually destroy your day, not to mention cut into your budget. Though pests appear to search their way into pantries all throughout the year, particular insects and rodents invade more often once the cold weather starts. That winter is already near, here are some of the tips we can give you to make your pantry pest-proof this season. 

Invest in storage containers 

One of the greatest ways to keep pests at bay is to store your food in airtight containers. You can opt from either glass or plastic containers. However, glass is a greater option for pests that can chew. Though plastics are a safe bet for most homes. mice and rodents can chew right through the plastic. Sure, glass is more costly compared to plastic, however, rodents cannot chew through this material regardless of how they want it.  

Seal gaps 

Rodents have the ability to fit themselves into smaller areas than you can think of. Even the tiniest gaps your pantry wall has can be an entry point for insects or mice. The greatest way to prevent them from getting into your walls and cabinets is to guarantee that everything is tightly locked. Take a look at your pantry and remember the gaps and cracks where rodents can possibly squeeze in. Make sure to seal such holes using caulk to stop any break-ins in the future.  

Regularly check food 

Expired food can draw in different types of pests to your pantry. So, if you have any outdated foods and overripe fruits in the store, you must remove them right away. Fruit flies usually congregate all overripe fruits like bananas. Moreover, it doesn’t take long before they can swarm. After throwing the fruit away, guarantee that it won’t stay in the trash for a long time. The trash is one of the entryways for pests and insects to get into your pantry or kitchen.  

Clear floor space 

Storing food in the kitchen or pantry floor must be avoided. In the pantry, make sure that the first shelf must at least be 18 inches high. Once you have food items on your floor, relocate them to an empty shelf now. When you don’t have any vacant space on your shelf, think about buying an airtight container where you can store the food inside.  This rule can also be applied to pet food.  

Clean everything 

Cleaning up any spilled food is the first step to prevent pests from infesting your pantry. Pests are drawn to leftovers and spilled food. Begin by vacuuming crumbs and some debris and cleaning the shelves. Guarantee that you get every nook and cranny in your pantry. Then, clean your shelves with a mixture of vinegar or soapy water. Before you restock the food items, make sure that your pantry is dry.   

If you want to make sure that your pantry is pest-proof, have your kitchen inspected by our expert Germantown pest control technicians today!