How to Qualify For a Second Mortgage 

If you’re scouring up all the options as far as all the loans that are available to you, you may find second mortgages Toronto quite a good option. As its name suggests, a second mortgage is an additional loan given on top of your first one. In essence, you’ll be paying for two mortgages instead of just one after you got approved.  


Second mortgages are quite popular and that’s because it is fairly easy to qualify for it. If you want to know if this loan is for you, simply check out the list below. These are the usual requirements to qualify for the loan and you rate fairly in each one of them, then you can go ahead and take advantage of it.  

  1. Equity

You should own a property and it should have good equity. This means that you may have paid a substantial amount on your first loan as that’s what you’re actually trying to obtain the second loan out from. The more equity your property has, the higher are the chances that you’ll qualify for the second mortgage.  

  1. Substantial income 

Any another lender favors a borrower with a substantial income source. You just have to show that you will be able to make all the necessary payments in time. You should have a dependable source of income to get approved. 

  1. Good Credit Score 

Your credit score will also play an important role when it comes to qualifying for a second mortgage. However, there are many lenders that are still willing to approve your loan even if you have bad credit. The only difference is that those with good credit standing will enjoy a much lower interest rate than those who don’t. 

  1. Property 

Your property should be made available to the lender because it acts as the collateral for the loan. The lenders should be able to secure the investment in the event that you can’t keep up with the monthly mortgage payments.  

These are the common qualifications required so you can get a second mortgage and eventually, a full access to funds that you can use in any way you wish. Just an added note, even retired individuals may still qualify for a second mortgage through what is called the reverse mortgage. To know more about it, it’s best that you set up a consultation with an expert.  

How to Get a Second Mortgage 

Now that you know that you’re fully qualified to take a second mortgage on your property, it’s time to find a lending company that can award you the loan. This shouldn’t be too hard because there are a lot of mortgage brokers in Ontario that can assist you. Seek out their help and take advantage of their services so you can get the money deposited to your account as soon as the loan is approved.  

However, you have to do some careful planning before you apply for the loan. A second mortgage can definitely give you a substantial amount of money on your property but it also means that you’re be paying for processing fees, interest rates, and monthly payments. Plus it puts your home on the line. You should seriously consider how a second mortgage can help you improve your current financial situation and not make it worse.